Diegesis – dīəˈjēsis or dye-uh-gee-sis

Diegesis is a term used in writing, films, and music. It refers to a story’s narrative, essentially, representing what you are experiencing as opposed to things that happen off-screen, or background music that doesn’t play a role in a film. We’re artists that seek to tell and share the stories of the people we meet and the places we document. We’re geeky documentary filmmakers who are passionate about creating and sharing narratives

Since diegesis means narrative, we couldn’t think of a more perfect name for our documentary video production company.

Our focus is really on the lived experience – a phenomenological approach, if you will. Whether we’re talking about a family legacy story, how an event helped shape the lives of individuals, or how the tearing down of an old historic building impacted a neighbourhood, we aim to create an immersive narrative experience that draws the viewer into the stories of the people and places we document.

We’re photographers and artists, and we’re researchers and writers, so we understand that video storytelling isn’t just highly visual but a fully-rounded craft.


The people behind Diegesis Films


bOB HOmer

Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Producer


bOB has always been a documentarian.


He started filming at the age of 10 and was never without a camera, be it film or video.

Even in art school, his focus was truth-based: His degree in scientific and technical illustration with a minor in photography from Sheridan College was all about representing the truth of the item and seeing things how they really are. He’s chronicled life through photos and videos, from owning an art gallery to being a photojournalistic wedding photographer. bOB also spent 10 years working at a major BC multimedia corporation as videographer, editor, and in post-production. Today, bOB is in love with 360º video and his medium format camera.

Diegesis Films is not just a logical progression in bOB’s career. It’s both a necessary evolution and a perfect culmination of all his years of experience in documenting life.


Jennifer Timer

Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Producer


Jennifer has lived a life of narratives.


She began writing painfully-awkward diary entries at age 12 and never looked back (really, who wants to look back on those?). In all seriousness, Jennifer is a published scientific and fiction author and poet – storytelling is part of who she is, regardless of the realm. Even in her years spent as a registered nurse and researcher, Jennifer’s days were filled with composing clinical narratives that told the relative truths of each person’s story. Jennifer has never stopped writing for pleasure and her research experience gained during her Masters and PhD education informs everything she writes.


A philosophically moderate realist, Jennifer is excited to bring a phenomenological approach to Diegesis Films.


Take note:

bOB and Jen are also proud owners of Lethologica, of which Diegesis Films is a division.