Family Legacy

Relive those magical moments, the triumphs, the stories.
From the centre of it all, in 360º.

Create a family legacy video.

Share the memories

Too often, we find ourselves reflecting on how we miss someone in our family, someone from whom we’ve been separated through the passing of time, distance, or from passing away.

How many times have you thought to yourself:

"I’d love to relive that moment with my Dad."

"If only I had Grandpa on video to show my kids how funny he was."

Or maybe you consider specific memories, such as:

"What was that story my Mom used to tell about when she went to Paris for the first time?"

"I wish I had gotten our family’s 2017 reunion on film so our baby can see everyone when she gets older."

  • Irreplaceable stories to pass down from generation to generation
  • A priceless gift from your heart to be treasured by all family members for years to come!
  • Create a video history, complete with photos and additional pre-existing video clips added in, to tell the story of your family members’ accomplishments, trials and tribulations, successes, and lessons
  • Preserve your family’s origin stories in a film professionally produced by experienced storytellers, providing you with a biography documentary worthy of television
  • Dive into your family’s narratives with our phenomenological inquiry interviews
Family Documentary
Family Documentary

Leave a legacy for your family to remember.

Maybe you’re wishing that you had something better than a clip on your iPhone to remember your favourite family moments by. Something where you could feel like you’re with your family in the moment.  

Now you can make these wishes come true by creating immersive 360º family legacy videos. At Diegesis Films, we capture the moments as they happen, from the centre of it all.


All in immersive 360º video.

Family Documentary

Worried you might not remember Uncle Stan’s new wife’s name in a few years? With our incredible family legacy video technology, not only can you spin around the room in 360 to see everyone present in the video, but we can have names, facts, and details pop up on the screen as you view certain people or items in the room. Just think of all the applications! Details about medals or trophies, dates and places, and so much more!

  • Look at Grandpa telling his story.
  • Swing the view to turn and see Grandma beaming with pride at his side.
  • Turn your view again to see the plaque on the wall that Grandpa is describing.
  • See details pop up about his award of bravery.
  • Turn back to Grandpa again.

This is the beauty of our immersive 360º technology.

There are endless possibilities for our 360º immersive family legacy videos:

  • Share your family’s most incredible, heartwarming stories for generations to come.
  • Inspire the youngsters in your life with your tales of overcoming life’s obstacles. Share your successes and help them learn from your mistakes.
  • Tell funny or quirky stories about events in your life.
  • Create your own personal video and audio autobiography.
  • Interview your grandparents about their personal history.
  • Show off a cherished family heirloom and tell a story about its significance.
  • Leave a legacy for your family to remember.

All in immersive 360º video.

Not keen on 360 and want a more ‘regular’ video?
We definitely shoot traditional video as well.
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